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Xbox Live Gold Membership 3 months

Product Image of Xbox Live Gold Membership 3 months

The Xbox Live Gold Membership 3 Months comes from Microsoft and lets you avail special discounts such as the Deal of the Week. You can get access to some fresh content and engage in unlimited amount of multiplayer gaming online. In the 3-month period it is active for, the membership lets you avail Free Game Demos and other interesting content.

You can get anywhere between 50 and 75% discounts on games in Xbox store and also avail free games and the most sophisticated multiplayer network. Along with Deals with Gold, Games with Gold and other exclusive advantages, this Gold Membership lets you into a very exciting social network as far as exclusive entertainment is concerned. With the power of more than 300,000 servers based on Cloud, players can get optimal performance and speed and also be assured of freedom from cheating and lags. There are entertainment apps for the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. You can simply register and open up an Xbox Live account for free and get the chance to enjoy the latest TV shows, concerts, sports, HD movies and much more. With just one Gold membership, every member in your house can enjoy multiplayer access and get multiplayer invitations even while viewing TV.

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