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Xbox Live Gold Membership 12+1 months

Product Image of Xbox Live Gold Membership 12+1 months

The Xbox Live Gold Membership 12+1 month Xbox Live CD Key has been published by Microsoft. You can use the membership to play controller games and Kinect with friends on your Xbox 360 online along with other players from your friend circle. You may also use it to immediately start watching sports, HD movies and TV shows. You can use your own voice to regulate the programs like a remote control. With voice, you can also find new games, movies or songs quickly. You may also use your tablet or phone like a 2nd screen in order to regulate as well as interact with the objects that you are viewing. With the help of Internet Explorer for Xbox, you will also be able to surf the internet on your TV screen.

The Membership Card is Compatible with the Xbox 360 and also the Xbox One. Other than sports, TV shows and HD movies, you may also watch live events. There is Skype, Internet Explorer various high-end entertainment apps. You can also get the chance to extend the advantages of this card to anyone who comes to your home. The multiplayer gaming experience offered by the membership is unmatchable and you can enjoy smart game-playing.

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