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Xbox Live Gold Membership 12 months

Product Image of Xbox Live Gold Membership 12 months

The Xbox LIVE Gold membership 12 months allows you to play controller games and Kinect with buddies from any location on your Xbox One or Xbox 360. By using your voice to control the console as a remote, you can immediately watch sports, HD movies and TV shows from BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Sky and various other sources. You may also watch YouTube videos.

Even if you are a loss on what you should watch, you can do voice search to find new songs or movies or even the latest games that you can play. Internet Explorer for Xbox allows you to surf the net from your television. You can control as well as interact with the things that you are viewing with the aid of a tablet or a smartphone. The gaming experience can be highly enhanced with this amazing Xbox LIVE Gold membership which is active for a span of 12 months. There is virtually no restriction to the multiplayer gaming experience in a sophisticated network that you can enjoy online. There are special discounts extended to Gold members every week, which makes things easier. You can get access to various types of content earlier, which includes Free Game Demos.

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