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Xbox Live Gold Membership 1 month

Product Image of Xbox Live Gold Membership 1 month

The Xbox Live Gold Membership 1 Month is offered by Microsoft and offers unlimited multiplayer gaming experience online for a period of one month along with access to numerous TV shows and HD movies. The membership provides players with a very sophisticated multiplayer experience and there is access to free games. Members can get special discounts ranging between 50 and 70% on Xbox store games and much more. There are more than 300,000 servers to ensure players can get optimal performance and speed, and there is no cheating or time lag due to cloud hosted servers. Players can get access to a very interesting social entertainment experience on a vast multi-player gaming network on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

With just one Gold membership, each member in a family can get access to the vast multiplayer gaming network. The experience is a very advanced one and players can get a lot of multiplayer invites even when they are watching television. There is an increasingly burgeoning library consisting of free titles on Xbox 360 and Xbox one that gamers can access for free. The interesting games can be downloaded for a short span of time and kept for playing at any time.

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