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WRC 6 CD Key

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WRC 6 has been there since the year 1999. Gamers playing the game are simply in love with the cars, tracks and the drivers. Every year the game gets an updated version and now this year it is the time for WRC 6. The game is yet to be released and is said that it would get released somewhere by Autumn of 2016. No doubt the game features a number of specifications that are improved from the last versions and also a number of new features have been also updated with the game to provide you a great gaming experience.

Some of the recent racing tracks such as that of the Abu Dhabi has been included. Along with this, new cars and drivers have been of course introduced to make the game look even more interesting and engaging. The customization thing is there available for the car drivers as per your choice. The visuals and the background sound have been also improved in comparison to the last version of the game. If you are not able to have much patience about getting the game, place a pre order to get the WRC 6 CD key. The game will be delivered to you as it gets released.

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