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World of WarCraft Legion CD Key

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“The vengeance of the burning shadow has come. We’re standing on the brink of destruction and we must wield the power of the enemy to use it against them. For the burning legion has returned!” Excited much? Well you should be! The sixth expansion set from the World of Warcraft franchise, ‘Legion’ following on from ‘Warlords of Draenor’ has been very well received by its huge fanbase and for good reason. With many of the loyal Warcrafters left a little disappointed with some of the more recent expansion sets, Blizzard were determined to raise the bar with Legion and they’ve done just that.

As massively multiplayer online role-playing games go (what a mouthful!), there are few that can compete with World of Warcraft and Legion has only cemented that opinion. With the opportunity to level up to 110, Legion takes you back to Azeroth and to a whole new continent known as the Broken Isles – made up of six different zones. New Dungeons and Raids feature along with a whole new hero class known as Demon Hunters. Architect weapons and a new honour system give the new expansion set a fresh feel and is sure to excite fans worldwide.

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