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Windows 10 Pro CD Key

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Windows 10 is now the most commonly used of the Windows operating systems, recently overtaking Windows 7. The great news for Windows 10 users is that the redesign combines the best aspects of the previous two versions. Designed predominantly for desktop users it still has great functionality on touch screen devices. The great news for us ‘old skool’ types is that the old faithful Start Button is back making it much easier to navigate.

All programs/apps etc are all housed in the Start Menu, so you don’t have to go switching to another totally separate screen – great news I hear you say! The new Action Centre provides notifications from apps and enables quick access to your settings. The new Windows Store houses all of your apps, games, music, movies and TV in one accessible location – with the end goal being that soon there will be one app to run across all platforms (Windows PC/tablet/phone/Xbox One) – the dream!

A new feature known as The Snap makes multi-tasking easy. Simply drag any window to the edge of the screen and snap it to one half while all other windows are displayed in the other. Connect your Xbox One controller via USB and stream games straight to your PC. Windows have even added their own Siri/Alexa counterpart known as Cortana. I can assure you she’s a great new addition and very handy to have at your disposal. Whether you’re wondering what the weather forecast is looking like or who won the FA Cup in 1974, Cortana is there to help.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Windows 10 Professional CD Key (Digital Download) $10.83 Yes
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional OEM $18.32 Yes

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