What is UPlay? We Look At The Steam Rival

What is Uplay?

Ubisoft is a known name in gaming industry. Known for its multiplayer games, the company launched Uplay as to promote a social community experience among players. Now known as Ubisoft Club, Uplay works same as any other achievements/trophies based reward service offered by other gaming brands.

Apart from being a reward program, Uplay is also a DRM, multiplayer communication service. The service is supported on multiple platforms including desktops, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Android, Windows Phone, Facebook, iOS among others. Use of Uplay is made exclusively by generic Ubisoft games.

UPlay Shop

Launch History

Uplay was launched in 2009 with Assassin’s Creed II. However the initial version was not received positively with many users facing technical problems and crashes. Uplay was re-branded as the Ubisoft Club in 2015 after release of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate’s release. It still suffers from the odd bug and reminds me a lot of Steam back in its early days. Heres hoping it can lift its game!

What is Uplay’s Features?

Players earn points known as Units playing Uplay enabled games, earning 5 to 40 units on performing any of the four specified actions. The earned Units can be used to unlock various rewards related to a game. Gamers are not bound to use the Units only for the game in which they are earned. The Units can be used to purchase rewards from any Uplay enabled game.

In words of Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, Uplay is based on “the more you play, the more free goods you will be able to have” philosophy.

Uplay adds extra value to Ubisoft games. In the Uplay menu you will find the following:

  • Uplay Win – Uplay can be activated either through the in-game display or via Uplay website. After activation, players can connect with other gamers as well as earn rewards on performing Actions as indicated. The rewards can be redeemed or saved for better rewards later.
  • Uplay Help – Players can enjoy Ubisoft games at their best making use of Uplay Help tips and guidance. Here you will find help from developers and other players (yeah! Awesome I know). You can also contribute and help other players with your knowledge.
  • Uplay Share – You can create pictures, statistics, videos and other in-game stuff and share it with your friends and Uplay community using Uplay Share.
  • Uplay Shop – This is where you can buy addition content for your favorite games directly from Ubisoft.

Registering and using Uplay set of services is entirely free. Uplay Shop however has both free and premium content. You can also sign in with your Facebook account if you want.

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What is Uplay’s Client Like?

In July, 2012 the Uplay desktop client was released. The client replaced Ubisoft Game Launcher and enabled users to link their Ubi profiles across all platforms including social networks, PC, mobile and consoles.

Users can access the client using same single Uplay account across all platforms. Same account can be used to access Ubisoft’s forums and other websites. There is no need to make a new account to access Uplay Client and players can use their existing account for log in.

Reception and Responses

Uplay is not able to popularize itself like Steam and Origin. There were mixed reactions from gamers where some liked the added set of Uplay services while others struggled with bugs and crashes.