What is GOG? Lets Take a Quick Peek

What is GOG?

GOG stands for Good Old Games. It is a digital distribution platform that primarily serves DRM-free video games but lately started movie distribution as well. GOG digital platform’s popularity can be attributed to its DRM-free distribution service. It started out serving old school DRM free games, but lately has even been serving up A+ titles, like The Witcher 3


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Launch History

GOG.com was launched in 2008 by CD Projekt under its full owned subsidiary GOG Limited. Marcin Iwiński and Michał Kiciński (founders of CD Project) launched GOG initially with the goal of making classic games available to modern audience without DRM restrictions.

The site operated under the name Good Old Games till 2012. On March 27, 2012 the site rebranded to GOG.com. The rebranding was part of the launch of independent titles and AAA games such as Assassin’s Creed and Alan Wake, along with classics.

Few Words on DRM

Digital Rights Management as it is known is an access control technology used by companies to restrict the usage of their digital media. Developed with the intention to curb piracy and unauthorized copying, DRM in reality causes more trouble for legitimate users. Media protected by DRM cannot be copied to create backups stripping legitimate consumers of their fair rights.

GOG came up with the solution to this tricky problem. All the games and movies available on the digital platform are DRM-free.

GOG Digital Platform Features

Most of the games offered by the platform are compatible with Windows (XP, Vista and Win 7), Linux and OS X10.6+. Games often come bundled with other free downloadable goodies. All products on the platform are typically priced $5 to $10, except some newer games. There is no need of any additional client software to download or run the games. Once a game is bought and downloaded, user is free to install it on any number of machines, create backups, patch and mod. However reselling and sharing of the downloaded media is not permitted.


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What is GOG Connect?

Steam is one of the most popular digital platforms to buy games. Still there’s a downside of this platform that bothers the gamers. It is the DRM; once a game is bought from Steam, the gamer is locked into the platform and has to abide by Valve’s restrictions.

GOG.com offers a clever alternative for developers to offer DRM-free versions of their games to Steam users for free.

Named as GOG Connect, this service allows existing Steam users to connect their Steam account with GOG account. Once connected, this service scans user’s Steam library to find applicable games. Any applicable game found can be imported to GOG account by the user. Steam copy of the games still exists along with GOG DRM-free version.

At present 22 games are available for import that includes high profile games like The Witcher: Enhanced Edition and Saints Row 2 along with popular indie games like The Witness and FTL: Advanced Edition.

What is GOG’s return policy?

GOG.com offers money back guarantee to further strengthen the confidence of consumers. According to website’s official statement-

If a game that you’ve bought on GOG.com doesn’t work and our team of expert Support staff can’t solve the problem for you, we will give you back your money.”

A DRM-free world is always enticing. GOG.com is making it easier for developers and consumers to connect without restrictions of a publisher.

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