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We Now Track Xbox One Prices

I did actually track Xbox One Codes in the past, but stopped as only one or two stores were listing them. I’ve noticed a few more stores are now stocking them, and they seem pretty popular, so I thought I would bring it back!

You can access Xbox One Stuff here;

Xbox One Codes

I’m having some problems with the Amazon feed so I can’t get theirs in there for the time being

CDKeyPrices is generally moving away from price comparisons of region locked stuff (unless its very popular) which is the reason I am not putting up Playstation 4 codes at this time.

As always, any suggestions, please get in contact!

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  • Գօգօ Ղազէլ

    If you don’t want to list PS4 codes, could you at least put up a list of stores that sell them? PS4 codes aren’t region locked per se, only the account needs to be from a particular region, it does not care where you PS4 is physically, hence things like VPNs are not needed.