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We Happy Few CD Key

In the quaint English town of Wellington Wells, all is not quite as it seems. Based in the 1960’s in an alternative reality where the ending of WW2 was (somewhat catastrophically) different to the one we know, you find yourself in a dystopian, retro-futuristic world where people are uncharacteristically happy ALL the time. In order to forget the horrible memories of recent history, “Wellies” have taken to using the drug Joy. However unbeknown to the masses, the drug leads them to be easily manipulated and affects their moral compass when it comes to determining right from wrong.

The message of Joy is spread constantly on TV by a creepy character know as Uncle Jack and most wear their ‘smiling white masks of happiness’ to show their continuing conformity. Stepping out of line can have dire consequences, especially if you stop taking your Joy and become a “Downer.”

The three somewhat flawed ‘heroes’ you can take control of, have all decided that enough is enough and there’s only so much Joy one can take. However they must learn to blend in and complete missions in plain sight as conformity in Wellington Wells is the key to survival. Don’t let the locals or police catch you out though, as otherwise they’ll encourage you to take your Joy and forget reality as you know it (and they don’t take no for answer)!

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