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Watch Dogs 2 CD Key

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About three years ago a new game Watchdogs was released. It was quite popularized before the launch and had really cool trailers. So, most of the gamers played they actually had a lot of fun. It was not counted among the best games though because of its several flaws. The concept was great but the gameplay was not all that good. For instance all the vehicles had a poor control. To get rid of the police you just had to get into a train or in the waters because they will not chase you there. Also, hacking – supposedly the most outstanding feature of this open world – was not very evolved. But the biggest issue of all was that the lead character was no likeable. However, despite all its flaws the game was able to establish the brand.

The fans had been waiting since for the sequel but will lots of improvements. And that’s exactly what the developers are planning to give them. The Watchdogs 2 is soon going to be in the market and developers are assuring that they have worked out all the flaws. Now the release date is not near but pre-orders for Watchdogs 2 CD Key are already going on.

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