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Wasteland 2 CD Key

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Wasteland 2 CD Key is a role playing, post apocalyptic video game, created for OS X, MS Windows, Xbox One and PS 4. inXile Entertainment is its developer and publisher, while Deep Silver is its distributor. Wasteland was the original version of the game that was introduced way back in 1988 and the Wasteland 2 is regarded to be its official sequel. It is through crowd funding via Kickstarter that this game was created. The release date originally was on October 2013, however, was postponed to be released on 19th September 2014. The game’s enhanced version was launched on 13th October 2015 called Wasteland 2 – Director’s Cut.

The director of this game is Brian Fargo, while the producer is Chris Keenan. The programmer of the game is John Alvarado and composer is Mark Morgan. It runs on Unity Engine and is a single player game. This game is said to feature a semi-overhead view along with rotatable camera and is regarded to be role playing, party based and turn based game having tactical combat. The game boasts of having been set in a very alternate history timeline, where in 1998, a nuclear holocaust had taken place with regards to the impact event that involved meteor clusters, sparking global nuclear war.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Wasteland 2 $6.26 Yes
Wasteland 2 $6.42 Yes
Wasteland 2 Steam Key GLOBAL $6.78 Check
Wasteland 2 $6.79 Yes
Wasteland 2 $7.39 Yes
Wasteland 2 $7.99 Yes
Wasteland 2 Steam CD Key $8.37 Yes
Wasteland 2 Steam CD Key $9.57 Yes
Wasteland 2 Ranger Edition Cd Key Steam $10.96 Yes
Wasteland 2 $11.73 Yes
Wasteland 2 CD Key For Steam $12.89 Yes
Wasteland 2 Steam CD Key $14.03 No

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