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Warlock 2 The Exiled CD Key

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Warlock 2 The Exiled is a turn based strategy in which players develop their own empire. That includes expansion of cities, collection and management of raw materials and turning wars against other mages. The game has a unique magic system in which we conduct research to enable unlocking the next branch of the tree of spells – over 150 spells in the game.

During the campaign we are slowly taking control of the entire Ardania (also known from the Majesty series). There is also a Master of the Arcane mode, where our goal is to dominate a single large map. And finally, multiplayer modes, based on both competition and cooperation. All in all your Warlock 2 The Exiled CD Key should provide some solid game time.

Always read your chosen stores product description before buying your Warlock 2 The Exiled. Check they are in stock, as well as any activation methods the cd key may require.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Warlock 2: The Exiled CD Key For Steam $17.09 Yes

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