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Wargame European Escalation CD Key

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Wargame European Escalation CD Key is regarded to be a tactics, real time game which was launched on 23rd February 2012. Eugen Systems is its developer and Focus Home Interactive, its publisher. The background of the game has been set during the bygone Cold War days, in Europe between the period 1975-85, with scenarios that portray open war taking place between the Warsaw Pact and NATO.

The game runs on IRISZOOM V2 and has been developed for gaming platforms like Cloud (OnLive), Linux, Mac OS X and MS Windows. It is both a multiplayer and single player game. The Warsaw Pact is the playable faction that has been subdivided into Communist Poland, Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and East Germany with the other side being the NATO which comprises of countries like West Germany, France, the U.K. and the U.S. The players are allowed to select any of the subfaction and have improved or new variants or units to be unlocked with progression of the game. In this game, about historical units numbering 361 have been created. Every country boasts of having its very own arsenal units, which reflects its military doctrine. It has received positive reviews from critics, with 81% score from Metacritic.

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