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Wargame Airland Battle CD Key

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Wargame Airland Battle CD Key is a strategy based real time, single player and multiplayer game that were released on 29th May 2013 for Linux OS X and MS Windows platforms. It runs on IRISZOOM engine v3.0. The developer of the game is Eugen Systems and publisher is Focus Home Interactive. The background of the game has been set during peak Cold War in Europe between the period 1975 to 1985 and is the 2012 launched “Wargame – European Escalation’s” sequel. The Warsaw Pact is said to be the game’s playable factions, from which players are free to select different units. As they progress in the game, they are to unlock new units or improve on the variants. More than 800 historical units have been recreated in this game by the developers to varying accuracy.

There are four campaigns in the game which could be played cooperatively with other players or alone. Northern Europe is the place, where the four campaigns tend to take place. It was on 1st August 2013 that Vox Populi, the first expansion had been released for free. Magna Carta is the second expansion that was released for free on 10th December 2013. On its release, the game received positive reviews.

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