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Warcraft 3 BattleChest CD Key

Product Image of Warcraft 3 BattleChest CD Key

The Warcraft 3 Battle Chest has been released by Blizzard, and takes players into the continent of Azeroth. Three powerful tribes of orcs, humans and elves are battling a war. As a player, you have to gather important resources to build your base and raise a strong army from over hundred varied units – each coming with its own particular set of skills. You can defend or attack as you battle, and go on enhancing your skills constantly.

The environment is sinister and cunning, with danger lurking at every corner and foes waiting for a chance to launch assault on living beings. In this dangerous environment, you can command humans, Orcs or Elves and lead strong hero units with the necessary skills and experiences to launch attacks and counter attacks. There are script and 3D maps to lead each unit and engage in war in multi-player gaming mode. You can fight with up to 7 other players and shift alliances as and when needed. Do not forget to check the description of the Warcraft 3 Battle Chest CD Key product before its purchase from any of your preferred stores. Make sure that the product, and any activation method required for the CD key, is available.

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