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Ubisoft Fight The Power

Don’t be fooled. Ubisoft recent action against Far Cry 4 CD Keys is nothing but a money grab and frustration at the fact its customers are sourcing their games from regions which are cheaper than their own.

As a long time crusader against region pricing and actively importing my stuff from other regions (something that publishers, companies etc like to called “unauthorized” and “grey”) I can be confident in the fact I know I am doing nothing wrong. Why? The key’s activated fine and Ubisoft made no claim that they fraudulently purchased.

G2A are a legitimate, registered, tax paying business. They source keys from cheap regions and sell to you for profit. Just because you don’t pay Ubisoft criminal prices, doesn’t mean you yourself are a criminal.

Do what I am going to do and take the matter to your governments Office of Fair Trading.


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