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Two Worlds 2 CD Key

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Two Worlds 2 CD Key is considered to be ‘Two World’s sequel and its developer is Reality Pump, the Polish game developer and its publisher is TopWare Interactive. In Europe, it was launched for Mac OS X / MS Windows and PS 3, Xbox 360 on 9th November 2010. In North America, it was released on 25th January 2011 for same platforms.

The designer of the game is Mirslaw Dymek and it runs on GRACE along with PhysX Engine. It is an open world, action role playing, single and multiple player game. The background of the game has been set in a world of open fantasy where players assume a single character role, with which they can undertake quests and explore. The protagonist appearance could be customized like body shape, face, and skin color. The different quests are to be completed and enemies defeated for gaining experience points. It received positive reviews from the critics, when compared to its earlier installment. With three weeks of the release, the game has sold more than one million units and has been declared to be a commercial success in Europe. Over 2 million copies had been sold by February 2011. Its game play has been praised mostly.

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