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Tropico 5 CD Key

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Tropico 5 CD Key has been released on May 23, 2014 and is termed to be a game that is of dictator simulation genre. It is Haemimont Games that is its developer. It belongs to the series of ‘Tropico’ and in this version, for the very first time, it features competitive and cooperative multiplayer allowing around 4 players to participate. In this version, the players are allowed to have cities constructed on same island and do have the choice of either working against the others or along with them. The game’s publisher is Kalypso Media and it has been developed for Xbox One, Linux, Xbox 360, PS 4, OS X and MS Windows.

Numerous additions have been made to Tropico 5, which includes 4 different eras, which helps the players to progress to the 21st century from the 19th. Moreover, there has been overhauling of the research, trading, exploration and renovation features. On April 17, 2014 this game was available on Steam for pre-purchase. However, the authorities in Thailand had banned this game, stating the order and peace within the country, could be affected by its introduction to the public there. It received positive reviews with Metacritic rating it 75.24%.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Tropico 5 $4.00 Yes
Tropico 5 $4.59 Yes
Tropico 5 $4.64 Yes
Tropico 5 $4.68 Yes
Tropico 5 $5.13 Yes
Tropico 5 $6.38 Yes
Tropico 5 Cd Key Global $9.25 Yes
Tropico 5 CD Key For Steam $10.01 Yes
Tropico 5 Uplay Key GLOBAL $42.84 Check

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