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Transformers Devastation CD Key

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Transformers Devastation CD Key: Transformers: Devastation is a hack and slash game developed by Platinum Games, and is set on the acclaimed Transformers franchise. In large 3D environments to access, Transformers: Devastation will allow the player to control any of the 5 autobots:Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Grimlcock, Sideswipe or Wheeljack, as they fight against the Decepticons once again in an epic scenario. The gameplay will feature fast combat mode with a horde of enemies which the player must destroy by performing fast combos and fluid moves, along with the ability to switch from vehicle to robot mode whenever necessary. The animation, strikingly similar to The Transformers: Generations, Transformers: Devastation will be a game worthy of the Transformers franchise.

Always read your chosen stores product description before buying your Transformers: Devastation CD Key. Check they are in stock, as well as any activation methods the cd key may require.

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