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Torchlight 2 CD Key

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Torchlight 2 CD Key is a role playing action game that has been created for MS Windows. This game was launched on 20th September 2012 and is the sequel to the 2009 original version of Torchlight, and featuring peer to peer multiplayer. On 2nd February 2015, it was released for OS X, while on 4th March, 2015, it got released for Linux. The game’s distributor is Runic Games, Perfect World and Valve Corporation. Its designer is Travis Baldree and composer is Matt Uelmen. It runs on OGRE Engine and is also available for Linux. It is both a single player and multiplayer game.

Similar to that of the original version, the sequel is known feature dungeons that are generated randomly for players to explore. Also present different types of monsters for fighting to loot and experience. Similar basic game play is maintained like that of its earlier version, however, features overall regions having longer campaign and multiple hub towns. The other interesting features that are new are weather effects, a redesigned user interface and time-of-day cycles. The players have been provided with the ability to have character appearance to be customized with their choice of hair color, hair style, face and sex.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Torchlight II Steam Key GLOBAL $4.63 Check
Torchlight II $8.99 Yes
Torchlight 2 $9.73 Yes
Torchlight II Steam CD Key $10.36 Yes
Torchlight II $12.79 No
Torchlight 2 Steam CD Key $15.77 Yes

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