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The Walking Dead CD Key

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The Walking Dead CD Key is also popularly called ‘The Walking Dead – Season One and ‘The Walking Dead – The Game’. It is regarded to be an interactive, episodic, adventure drama, graphic game that Telltale Games has published and developed. There are in total five episodes present in the game and is based upon comic book series ‘The Walking Dead’ written by Robert Kirkman. The game has been developed for different platforms like the Xbox One, PS 4, Xbox 360, PS Vita, PS 3, Mac OS X, MS Windows, Kindle Fire HDX, iOS and Android.

The gameplay is said to be set at a fictional world that is present in the comics. Many characters are regarded to be the game’s original and focuses on Lee Everett, the convicted murderer and a university professor. Lee helps and take cares of Clementine, a young girl. The story specifics and developmental were done by Telltale. In –game appearances have been made by few of the comic characters. The game is more about character development and story, rather than puzzle solving. It has received positive reviews and the story’s harsh emotional tone has been praised along with Clementine and Lee’s empathetic connection. Game- of the year award was received by this game from numerous gaming publications.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
The Walking Dead $3.95 Yes
The Walking Dead Steam CD Key $8.07 Yes

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