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The Elder Scrolls Online 60 Day Time Card

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Elder Scrolls Online is an online role-playing game which has been created for PC gamers. It lets gamers explore the planet of the iconic Elder Scrolls with other players for the first time. This is a subscription based game. It is a MMO, and you have to make monthly payments for this game time. When your subscription period ends, you can buy additional months of gaming and go on playing. The game is set 1000 years prior to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim events. This fresh chapter lets 3 player factions face off against one another in an open world battle zone. The story takes off 4 years after an energy explosion in Imperial City lead to mystical aftershocks throughout Nirn. There are numerous occult abhorrences from the Oblivion plane known as Daedra, which have led to the expansion of the Serpent constellation.

You can play solo adventures or engage in a multiplayer mode with buddies in large-scale wars. You can play in collaboration in fierce dungeons and experience an exciting gaming time. Your fate will be decided by your choices. The canvas is more epic in the Elder Scrolls Online and the role playing action will be more interesting.

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The Elder Scrolls Online 60-Days Pre-Paid Time Card $26.66 No

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