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Supreme Commander 2 CD Key

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Supreme Commander 2 CD Key is considered to be video game that is based upon real time strategy, with Gas Powered Games being its developer and Square Enix, its publisher. It belongs to Supreme Commander Series and is its sequel. On 24th February 2010, a PC only demo had been released through Steam, while on 2nd March 2010, the full version was launched. The game’s Mac OS X version was announced in May 2010 by Virtual Programming, the Mac games publisher. This version had been launched on 24th September 2010. The game has been designed by Chril Taylor. It is both a single player and multilevel player game.

Critics found the game to be fine and gave it mixed reviews. Its standalone title was praised. After its release, there were some major changes and updates made to Supreme Commander 2. For instance, an October 2010 update was said to have reworked the payment for construction. Changes that were made had been praised and the overall gameplay was found to be improved and much better by the critics and reviewers. It had won the ‘Year’s best Co-op Game’ by PC Gamer UK.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Supreme Commander 2 $6.99 Yes
Supreme Commander 2 Steam Key GLOBAL $7.87 Check
Supreme Commander 2 $9.19 Yes
Supreme Commander 2 $10.46 No
Supreme Commander 2 $11.30 Yes

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