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Street Fighter 5 CD Key

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Street Fighter 5 CD Key is a fighting game that has been developed by Capcom along with Dimps and is the 5th installment of the ‘Street Fighter’ series. It is expected to be launched on February 2016 and designed for MS Windows and PS 4 platforms, while featuring cross- platform play among the two mentioned platforms. The publisher of the game is Capcom and runs on Unreal Engine 4. It is both a multiplayer and single player game.

‘V-Gauge’ has been introduced in the game that builds with player receiving attacks and has three new techniques to be added like V-Triggers, V-Reversals and V-Skills. Stun Meter that had been introduced in the third version is visible under the game’s health bars. Also, are featured in the game interactive arenas, which showcase special animations if the player gets defeated in specific arena parts. 16 characters are to be featured during the launch, of which, 4 are new in the series. Several characters are to be developed, following the launch of the game and added to it through regular updates. According to Capcom, on 8th May 2015, about 2 million copies are expected to be sold before the fiscal year.

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