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South Park The Stick of Truth CD Key

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South Park The Stick of Truth CD Key is a role playing game that was released in 2014. Obsidian Entertainment along with South Park Digital Studios is its developers and Ubisoft, its publishing partner. It has been released for gaming consoles like Xbox 360, PS 3 and MS Windows. The game has been based upon ‘South Park’, an American adult animated T.V. series. The player is to guide the New Kid, the main character of the game to get involved in a fantasy war that has elves, wizards and humans fighting one another to control Stick of Truth. But they also have to face the gnomes, Nazi zombies and aliens who are a big threat to the whole town.

During its development, it had been postponed several times and released in March 2014. THQ was the initial publisher. However, with its declaring bankruptcy, the responsibility of publishing the game was given to Ubisoft. Due to its adult content, the game was banned in few regions that included Nazi imagery and abortions. Overall, the game has received positive reviews from the critics and its visual style, comedic script, as well as its loyalty towards the source materials have been praised.

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