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Sniper Elite V2 CD Key

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Sniper Elite V2 CD Key is regarded to be a tactical shooter, 2012 released video game. Its developer is Rebellion Developments and publisher is 505 Games. It has been designed for Xbox 360, PS 3 and Wii U consoles, as well as MS Windows. This game is actually a remake / sequel of the 2005 Rebellion Sniper Elite game. The story of the game is follows a Strategic Services of an American Office agent, who is to either eliminate or capture scientists who are involved in the V2 rocket program of Germany. The game has been designed by Andy Haith, composed by Mark Rutherford and is both a multiplayer and single player game.

This game emphasizes less on direct combat approach and encourages the player to make use of stealth, while keeping good distance from the enemy soldiers. The players can enjoy availing multiple routes, including side streets and multistory buildings for getting vantage points and to avoid direct firefights. Having the Second World War as its backdrop, the player character is known to use the weapons of that era. The player tends to use sniper rifles that were popular back then. A wonderful feature of this game is ‘X-Ray kill cam’.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Sniper Elite V2 Steam CD Key $4.22 Yes
Sniper Elite V2 $5.64 Yes
Sniper Elite v2 $8.88 Yes
Sniper Elite V2 Steam CD Key $10.58 Yes

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