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Sleeping Dogs CD Key

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Sleeping Dogs CD Key is an action adventure, open world game that was released in 2012. Square Enix London and United Front Games are its developers, while Bandai Namco Games along with Square Enix were its publishers. This game has been developed for Xbox 360, PS 3 and MS Windows consoles. Wei Shen is the protagonist of the single player story, who is a police officer and a cover with the Hong Kong American Division on a mission to penetrate the Sun-On-Yee Triad group. The game has contemporary Hong Kong as its background.

The game play is said to focus upon the parkour, shooting and fighting abilities of Shen as well as the different gadgets to be utilized for exploration and combat. The players are required to unlock contents for progressing into the story and for this they are to complete their missions. Being an open ended game, they can wander into the game and get engaged with criminal and legal activities. The player earns his ‘rewards’ through driving, racing and fighting. This game had been announced in 2009 after undergoing a prolonged and difficult development in 2008. It enjoyed receiving positive reviews from its critics with regards to the voice acting, city depiction, experience system and combat.

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