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Ryse Son of Rome Xbox One CD Key

Product Image of Ryse Son of Rome Xbox One CD Key

An action adventure game, Ryse: Son of Rome takes you right into the gory battles and lifestyle of the Roman Empire. Ryse Son of Rome Xbox One has been designed for players of Xbox One, and lets players get into violent combats as the hero Marius Titus. Marius Titus saw his family members being slaughtered by the barbarian bandits. He joins the Roman army and leads them to Britannia in a quest for vengeance and restoring the honor of his country. As Titus, you have to command your army and lead them to fierce battle that can save Rome from external threats. The honor of your family and security of Rome lies in your hands.

With Xbox SmartGlass integration, there is a context-sensitive guide that provides players with enough hints and assistance. You can get a cinematic experience of the life, time and battles of the Roman Empire as well as the northern expanse of Britannia. The combat scenes are violent and very life-like. In the online MultiPlayer mode, which needs Xbox Live Gold Membership, the battle scenes are more epic. Always go through the product description from the store you are purchasing Ryse: Son of Rome from. Make sure that the CD Key and any activation method are available in stock.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Ryse: Son of Rome Digital Copy CD Key (Xbox One) $25.18 Yes

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