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Rust CD Key: It’s all about survival! Yes, Rust is another survival game, but this one is developed byFacepunch Studios. Think Dayz but without the drama. The main objective of this game is to create an adverse and hostile environment where you can flourish. But you must also survive. There’s no single point in this game that you will will not be challenged. You’ll begin the game with a rock, torch and bandages and if you stay out for more than two nights you are probabaly doing pretty well! It’s just a sink or swim introduction to the game where your natural survival instinct will take over. The entire game is rough but it is awesomely playable. This game has some seriously intense situations which have made the game really unique.

You can find a lot of online CD key shops below stocking Rust. Our advice is to pick one you had good dealings with in the past.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Rust CD Key For Steam $22.81 Yes
Rust Early Access Game Steam CD Key Global $25.56 No
Rust Steam Key GLOBAL $35.27 Check
Rust Cd Key Steam $38.11 Yes
Rust $39.21 No

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