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RIFT Storm Legion Addon CD Key

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Trion Worlds is the developer of RIFT Storm Legion Addon CD Key. RIFT is regarded to be a fantasy based free to play MMORPG game. It was in March 2011 that it got released and its background has Telara, a fantasy world, where the player has to take the main character for progressing with the game.

Storm Legion is said to be RIFT’s initial expansion pack announced by the developer on 31st May 2012, a year after the original game had been introduced in the market. With this pack, the level cap had been increased to 60 from the existing 50. It has dimensions added, in for the players to have the game world’s private corners to be customized, to have 4 new souls and two continents to be included. It was on 13th November 2012 that the expansion pack got released, with the game critics offering it positive reviews. The developers found the sales of the expansion pack t o have exceeded their imagination. Storm Legion had been awarded by Joystiq in December 2012, the Year’s best expansion pack. The developers had started to offer subscription pre-ordering of the expansion pack on 6th September 2012.

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Rift: Storm Legion Expansion Pack CD Key $15.94 Yes

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