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Resident Evil Revelations CD Key

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Resident Evil Revelations CD Key in Japan is popularly called Biohazard Revelations. It is regarded to be a survival horror game which was released originally for handheld Nintendo 3DS device in 2012. Capcom is its developer and publisher. It has been directed by Koushi Nakanishi and produced by Takayuki Hama and Masachika Kawata. Takeshi Miura, Ichiro Kohmoto and Kota Suzuki have composed for the game. The protagonists of the game are Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, whose mission is to stop the Earth’s oceans from getting infected by a virus that is to be released by a bioterrorist organization. This installment of the Resident Evil series emphasizes more on evasion, exploration and survival than that of fast paced combat that was seen in the earlier versions. The player throughout the game is provided with limited ammunition, movement speed and health. The developers have tried to have the gameplay to be modernized and have the horror and content to be brought back with it.

It was said to have received positive response from the critics and has been a complete commercial success. Its sound effects, graphics and horror elements had been praised immensely. In 2013, the game’s HD version had been launched to be played on Xbox 360, Wii U, PS 3 and MS Windows.

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