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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City CD Key

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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City CD Key has been released in North America on 20th March 2012; in Australia on 22nd March, 2012; in Europe on 23rd March 2012 and in Japan on 26th April, 2012. This game is played from the 3rd person perspective and has been developed for gaming consoles like Xbox 360, PS 3 and MS Windows. Capcom and Slant Six Games are its co- developers.

Operation Raccoon City is termed to belong to ‘Resident Evil’ series and features characters from ‘Resident Evil 2’ as well as ‘Resident Evil 3 – Nemesis, although it is regarded to be non- canon hypothetical scenario. The game is about the Raccoon City being captured by the Zombies and the player being a member of the elite paramilitary mercenaries, who work for Umbrella Corporation and their task is cut out to take care of the zombies and eliminate them. The game has received mixed reviews, however, proved to be a commercial success, with over 2 million copies being sold worldwide. The game’s director is Adam Bullied, composer is Shusaku Uchiyama and producer is Masachika Kawata. It is both a single player and multiplayer game. With 6 characters being present on every side, the game consists of 12 playable characters.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City CD Key $9.91 Yes
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Steam Key GLOBAL $12.77 Check

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