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Resident Evil 5 CD Key

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Resident Evil 5 CD Key is called Biohazard in Japan. It is regarded to be an action game, published and developed by Capcom and is ‘Resident Evil’ series’ 5th installment. It was in March 2009 that the game had been released for Xbox 360 and PS 3 consoles and in September 2009 for MS Windows. The gameplay is about Chris leading an investigation at Africa’s fictional region called Kijuj, where a terrorist threat looms due to Sheva Alomar. It is learnt by Chris that his past needs to be confronted in the form of Albert Wesker, an old enemy.

It was on 2005 that the game had been announced at the time of the release of Resident Evil 4. The 5th installment was started by some of the staff members, who had worked on the 4th installment. For cutscenes of the game, Motion Capture had been used and it is considered to be the first game for making use of the virtual camera system. According to Jun Takeuchi, its producer, the gameplay is original. It had received positive response from the critics and had sold more copies than its earlier installment and also the best selling individual game of the franchise.

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