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Rayman Legends CD Key

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Rayman Legends CD Key is considered to be the 5th installment of the “Rayman Series”. Its developer is Ubisoft Montpellier and Ubisoft is its publisher. It is regarded to be a platform game. Also, it has been termed to be ‘Rayman Origins’ of 2011, direct sequel. This game has been developed for Xbox 360, MS Windows, PS 3, PS Vista and Wii U in 2013 August & September. In February 2014, its Xbox One and PS 4 versions had been released. At the 2012 E3, this game had been announced by its developers as an exclusive for Wii U, but it got delayed and then on multiple platforms, it got released.

The game had received critical acclaim from its critics, with many praising the visuals of the game, along with its controls, level design, overall gameplay, soundtrack, as well as huge content amount. Some even had termed it as the best video game for platforming ever to be developed. This game has been regarded to be a complete commercial success and video gaming publications had given it several awards. The director of the game is Michel Ancel, its producers are Pierre- Arnaud Lambert and Abdelhak Elguess. Its composers are Billy Martin and Christophe Heral.

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