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Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass CD Key

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Three years after it was deemed that the Rainbow Program was surplus to requirements, a recent rise in terrorist activity has seen a significant shift in attitude. The White Mask terrorist group is getting bolder and the mysterious operative known only as ‘Six’ has decided it’s time to get the old band back together.

Selecting the best of the best from around the world (including the likes of the FBI and SAS) Six puts the recruits through a rigorous training regime (the main focus of the solo player element to the game) to prepare them for the inevitable upcoming attack. As predicted that attack comes in the form of a chemical weapon planted at Bartlett University, putting thousands of people’s lives in danger. Can the team work together to disarm the bomb and take out the hostile forces?

Siege focuses on authentically impersonating the very best counter terrorist operatives form around the world – with the developers even going as far as consulting with some of these groups to ensure they capture the reality as best they can. There’s less of a focus on the storyline and more on the tactical nuances of attack and defence when it comes to dealing with terrorists, whether this be during an intense hostage rescue or the disposal of a deadly chemical weapon. Co-operation with your fellow operatives is the key to dismantling the terrorist cells and their diabolical plans. Plus there’s an emphasis on environmental destruction which means you can pretty much blow up anything you want – fantastic!

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