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RAGE CD Key is a shooter based first person type game, released on October 2011. It is id Software that developed this game and makes use of game engine of the company called id Tech 5. On 11th June 2007, it was in the form of tech demo that the game was shown initially at WWDC (Apple World-wide Developers Conference). Later at QuakeCon, on 2nd August 2007, it got announced officially. GameTrailers released the game’s trailer.

The game’s storyline has been set following 99942 Apophis asteroid impact on Earth in the near post apocalyptic future. It is much similar to video games like Borderlands and Fallout and the movie Mad Max-2. Cars can be upgraded by the players by using racing certificates that they win from races. Critics showered praises on the game, upon its release. The publisher of the game is Aspyr Media and Bethesda Softworks. Square Enix is its distributor, Tim Willits is its Director, Stephan Martiniere is the artist and Matthew J. Costello its writer. Composition for this game has been provided by Rod Abernethy. The game has been developed for OS X, Xbox 360, PS 3 and MS Windows. It is both a single player and multiplayer game.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Rage Steam CD Key: Standard Edition $5.10 Yes
RAGE $5.99 Yes
RAGE $6.34 Yes

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