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Divinity Dragon Commander CD Key is both a single and multiplayer strategy based, real time game, with Larian Studios being its developer and publisher. The game is stated to be part of ‘Divinity’ fantasy role playing gaming series. It tends to feature gameplay hybrid styles and boasts of having competitive multi-player and single player modes. The director of the game is Swen Vincke, designer is Farhang Namdar, producer is David Walgrave, composer is Kirill Pokrovsky and writer is Jan Van Dosselaer. This game has been developed for the MS Windows platform and released on 6th August 2013.

Its gameplay is said to be broken into three phases, with one affecting the other. The first phase has political simulation elements, where conversations are held between players with several non-player characters that can affect gameplay in the following two phases. The game’s second phase is turn based, while the third phase takes place as the battle is joined with the style being that of real time strategical one. The game has been set like that of previous Divinity games in distant past. Response from critics towards this game has been positive.

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