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Portal 2 CD Key

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Portal 2 CD Key is a first person, puzzle based video game that was launched in 2011. Its developer and publisher is Valve Corporation. This game is considered to be the sequel of the 2007 released original released by the same name. This game got released on 19th April, 2011 for OS X, MS Windows, Xbox 360, PS 3 and Linux. Electronic Arts is the distributor of the game’s retail versions, while Steam, the content delivery service of Valve handles the Linux, OS X and Windows versions. The game’s director is Joshua Weier, producer is Gabe Newell and composer is Mike Morasky. It is both a multi- player and single player game.

When compared to the original version of the game, the second version has new game play elements and features, which includes tractor beams, bridges created from light, laser redirection, paint like gels that accelerate speed of the player, etc, thereby allowing player character to place portals on any kind of surface or to jump much higher. Like the first, Portal 2 is known to have received critical acclaim, due to its pacing, dark humor and writing.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Portal 2 CD Key for Steam $8.90 Yes
Portal 2 Steam Key GLOBAL $12.28 Check
Portal 2 Steam CD Key $13.33 Yes
Portal 2 Steam CD Key $14.68 Yes
Portal 2 $17.35 No

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