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Payday 2 CD Key

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Payday 2 CD Key was released on August 13th, 2013 for PS 3, Xbox 360 and MS Windows as a single player and multiplayer game. For Xbox One and PS 4, an improved version was released, subtitled ‘Crimewave Edition’, which is stated to be an enhanced version. In this game, the player is said to take full control of a single member belonging to the twelve member gang. The heists include robbing jewelry stores, banks, armored cars, produce and distribute narcotics, steal artifact and art, prototypes, rig elections, to frame corrupt politicians, break into prisons, FBI facilities and mercenary bases and to take up on those rival gangs, including smuggling of nuclear warheads and guns, to enforce protection rackets.

In this game, the player is allowed plenty of customization features including the stealth mechanics. It received positive reviews and made profits only from pre-orders. It did have new content and enhanced graphics. Its developer is Overkill Software along with Starbreeze Studios and publisher 505 Games. Its director is David Goldfarb and producer is Almir Listo. Its designer is Ulf Andersson and composers are Gustaf Grefberg and Simon Viklund. It runs on Diesel 2.0 Engine.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
PAYDAY 2 Steam Key GLOBAL $5.53 Check
Payday 2 $6.99 Yes
Payday 2 $8.01 Yes
Payday 2 $8.09 Yes
PAYDAY 2 Steam CD Key Global $10.78 Yes
PAYDAY 2 $12.87 Yes
PAYDAY 2 Steam Key $18.16 Yes
Payday 2 Steam CD-Key $26.65 No
Payday 2 Cd Key Steam Global $27.29 Yes

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