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Is G2A legit? We Review The Goliath

Is G2A legit? We Review The Goliath G2A is the eBay of gaming. The website is available worldwide in pretty much every language. It’s offer are solid and consists of Steam, Origin, UPlay, and other CDKeys. But is G2A legit? Their main competitor is Kinguin but G2A manages just fine when it comes to features and site speed. The …

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CD Keys Discount Code – Does One Exist?

CD Keys Discount Code – Does One Exist? I’ve been in this game a long time. I’ve said it on many times that is my all time favorite store. One thing I know however is that coupons for the site are extremely hard to come by. Now I have a great working relationship with the owner. We talk regularly on Skype. His …

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Kinguin esport venture helps cd key reputation

Esports Kinguin G2A

Every big company hates it’s competitors with passion. Valve Software does too, well not only them. The big corporations can’t stand the fact that small businesses from around the world always manage to sell the game keys a lot cheaper than them and they can’t really do much about it. Steam was suppose to be cheaper than the retail games in …

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