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Overwatch CD Key is regarded to be a first person shooter, multiplayer game that is being developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. This game was unveiled at the 2014 BlizzCon, and casts different ‘heroes’, with each having his own roles and abilities to display. In Europe and North America on 27th October 2015, this game had entered closed beta, and plans to have beta brought to Asia later. For PS 4, MS Windows, Xbox One, the game has been scheduled to be released in 2016’s first quarter. However, as of now, no plans are noticed for its OS X release.

Its directors are Aaron Keller and Jeff Kaplan, designers are Michael Elliott, Jeremy Craig and Scott Mercer. Its artists are Arnold Tsang and Bill Petras. This game is all se t to feature squad based combat, comprising of teams with each having six players. The players are free to choose any of the various hero characters present. The main 4 character roles tend to include defense oriented, offense oriented, debuffs and support characters. The players can also switch between characters following deaths that have been encouraged by overall design of the game. The maps in the game are real world location inspired.

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  • Jordan Merz

    Overwatch keys are not being shipped out from CJSkeys, many people are having issues and i’m now stuck in the “pending” phase after the delivery failed, support hasn’t even assigned a person to me after two hours of waiting

    • cdkeyprices

      Hi Jordan, any update? If not I will chase it up with CJS to see whats going on

      • Jordan Merz

        I’m still stuck on “pending” and they haven’t even responded yet, I’m trying for a refund 🙁

      • Jordan Merz

        They are requesting two pieces of government issued ID for an “anti-fraud check” before they reverse the paypal transaction/give a refund, Shady as hell.

        The “instant delivery” that they advertised failed, I waited 24hrs, still failed, so i bought keys elsewhere and now they are trying to take my ID before I get my money back? How about NO? Shady as fuck

  • Just got mine from instant gaming – was hassle-free process. Very fast and user friendly. Whole thing took me less than 10 minutes.