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Outlast CD Key is considered to be a horror survival, first person game that has been published and developed by Red Barrels, a Canadian game developer. This game is stated to revolve around an investigative freelance journalist named Miles Upshur, who finds a psychiatric hospital located remote within the deep mountains of Colorado’s Lake County.

The game was released on 4th September 2013 for MS Windows and 4th February 2014 for PS 4 platforms. It enjoyed receiving positive reviews upon its release from critics and derived praise for outstanding game play and horror elements that were present in it. It was on 31st March 2015 that the OS X and Linux versions were released. The designers of this game are David Chateauneuf and Philippe Morin, writer is J.T. Petty and composer is Samuel Laflamme. It runs on Unreal Engine 3.5 and is a single player game. The game is a survival campaign story driven one that is enumerated in first person narrative. The presentation of the game is said to be much similar to that of found footage genre that is popularized by the horror movies.

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