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Operation Flashpoint Red River CD Key

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Operation Flashpoint Red River CD Key is a first person shooter developed for Xbox 360, PS 3 and MS Windows. It is Codemasters that has developed and published this game and it is regarded to be Dragon Rising’s sequel. Its producer is Adam Parsons and this game runs on EGO Engine. This game was released on 21st April, 2011 and is both a single player and multi-player game.

It is rather a tactical shooter game, with the player having the choice to play cooperatively during the campaign. The player is to select between the four Marine classes, namely, scout, automatic rifleman, grenadier and rifleman, with each having his own weapon as well as abilities. Sufficient experience is gathered by the player during gameplay that could be utilized for unlocking weapons, perks and attachments. According to its director, this game has been created and complete with very strong narrative, combat scenarios and new enemies for delivering gameplay which immerses the players in reality war, something that has never seen before. Furthermore, the game tends to make use of a video camera type feedback within the game to have extra action.

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