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Mount and Blade Warband CD Key

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Mount and Blade Warband CD Key is stated to be “Mount & Blade’s” first sequel. It is an action based, role playing game that has been created by TaleWorlds Entertainment, a Turkish company in January 2009 and Paradox Interactive having it published on 30th March, 2010. One can also avail direct download from website of TaleWorlds or via Steam Digital Distribution or DVD, with necessary online activation. It was on 10th July 2014 that the Linux and Mac OS X versions had been released through Steam. The game’s composer is Jesse Hopkins and designers are Steve Negus, Armagan Yavuz and Cem Cimenbicer.

The original game has been expanded in this version, with the introduction of a 6th faction, which is ‘The Sarranid Sultanate’, thereby enhancing political options. The players in this game are able to have new factions started of their own and to incorporate multiplayer modes. The game has enjoyed favorable reviews, with the multiplayer mode being highly praised by the critics. It has won several awards like the nomination of the ‘Year’s best multi-player Indie Game’. It is both a single and multi player game. Furthermore, the game is credited with having graphics that are slightly improved along with altered or new animations in combat.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Mount & Blade: Warband Steam CD Key $3.25 Yes
Mount & Blade: Warband CD Key for Steam $7.81 Yes

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