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Mount and Blade CD Key has been created exclusively for MS Windows platform and is an action based, medieval role playing game that has been developed by TaleWorlds, the Turkish company. Paradox Interactive, a Swedish company had it published. On 16th September 2007, the retail version got launched in North America and in Europe on 19th September. Favorable reviews have been given to this game and its complex character skills, huge modding community and innovative combat mechanics have been praised upon. It has been designed by Cem Cimenbicer, Steve Negus and Armagan Yavuz and composed by Jesse Hopkins. It is a single player game.

Mount and Blade does not have any kind of fantasy elements in it and the background of the game is in Calradia, a medieval land. A sandbox styled gameplay has been featured, without any storyline present. The player is required to join any of the 4 battling factions, to become an outlaw, take neutral sides or fight as mercenary. It has been termed by reviewers to be the best medieval game ever made and also the first of its type, when it comes to role playing. Combat elements in the game have been appreciated.

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