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Mirrors Edge CD Key

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Mirrors Edge CD Key is regarded to be a platform based action adventure game, whose developer is DICE and publisher is Electronic Arts. It was announced on 10th July 2007 and released on November 2008 for PS 3 and Xbox 360. On 13th January 2009, the MS Windows version got released. Unreal Engine 3 is powering the game and new lighting solution has been added to it.

The game’s background has been set in quasi-futuristic dystopian society, where Faith, the main character is said to act as couriers for transmitting messages when evading government surveillance. The character is guided by the player in 3D platform style over rooftops, through ventilation shafts, across walls, within the urban environments, trying to negotiate obstacles by making use of movements that are inspired by parkour. This game boasts of having brightly colored style, while differing from its previous games that were to be played in first person perspective, thereby allowing the player with greater movement and freedom, due to its 3D environment. It has received positive reviews and praises were showered upon the game’s expansive environments and uniqueness. Its producer is Tom Farrer and Owen O’ Brien and designer is Thomas Andersson.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Mirror's Edge $4.99 Yes
Mirror's Edge Steam CD Key $6.71 Yes
Mirror's Edge $7.22 Yes
Mirrors Edge CD Key for Origin $7.60 Yes
Mirror's Edge Steam CD Key $7.89 Yes

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