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Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Season Pass CD Key

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Published by WB Games, Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Season Pass CD Key is a terrific action game that lets you assume the role of a brave ranger named Talion who has been awakened by the Shadow of Mordor, a vengeful spirit inhabiting Middle Earth. Talion saw his own family being butchered by the evil forces of Sauron. He comes back with Wraith abilities and uses his powers to kill everyone who wronged him. As Talion, you can come across unique enemies – each of whom comes with individual abilities and characteristics as well as weaknesses and strengths. You can gather Runes in order to upgrade your arsenal and abilities. You can also improve the abilities of your foes to make the game-play more challenging and exciting.

The world of Middle Earth is very layered, with every decision and occurrences – even the death of your character Talion – having a major impact on the world around. Your actions can be shaped by your own choices as well as the personality and memory of each foe that you come across. You can use the powerful Nemesis System in order to wreak havoc on your enemies and get your revenge on them. You can blend Ranged attacks, Ranger Skills and full-frontal attacks to subjugate your foes.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Season Pass $3.54 Yes

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