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Metro Last Light CD Key

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Metro Last Light CD Key is a post apocalyptic themed, single player shooter game that is played from the first person perspective having survival horror and stealth elements. 4A Games, the Ukranian Studio is its developer and Deep Silver is its publisher. The game has been designed to be played on different platforms like Xbox 360, PS 3, Linux, OS X and MS Windows and got released worldwide on 26th August 2014.The background of the game has been set up on Moscow’s post apocalyptic period and is regarded to be “Metro 2033” sequel. Critics gave the game positive reviews and its story line had been praised which includes its environments, presentation and atmosphere. Also, its graphics did receive special mention and improvements were noticed in this sequel version like stealth mechanics, sound, gunplay and controls.

The game’s director is Andrew Prohorov, designer is Viacheslav Aristov, and programmer is Alexander Maximchuk and Oles Shyshkovstov. Its composer is Alexey Omelchuk and artist is Andrey Tkachenko. It runs on 4A Engine along with PathEngine and PhysX. This game features different types of firearms, with some being fictional and other based upon real weapons that the players are to make use of in the combat.

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